Brewski | Not just another Beer.
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Living the brand

Brewski is so much more then just beer. Its a lifestyle. Its a lifetime commitment.

Keep it clean

As always when producing quality. You need to pay a lot of attention to the hygienic factors and make sure the brewery stays spotless.

Something for many, but not for all

Most of you will enjoy having a Brewski. Our beers comes with lots of flavors and mouthfeel. Although we know that isn’t for everyone. But this is the way we think a great craft beer could taste like and either you love it or you donĀ“t.

Welcome to Brewski

Brewski dont do beer. Beer do Brewski.


We proudly use ZIP Technologies to produce our beers. This hightech brewing equipment is helping us to set new boundaries with brewing.

Quality Craft Beer

We strive for the highest level of craft beer when it comes to taste, look and mouthfeel. There is normally always room for improvement and our work towards perfection never ends.